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Jenny Hershberger was born and raised in Troy Township located in northeastern Ohio of the United States of America. Since graduating from Marietta College she has worked as a free-lance photographer and graphic designer. She has traveled extensively throughout the USA and to several foreign countries.

Traveling, photography and journaling are solely symptoms of her passions. Jenny deeply enjoys learning from new people. Cultures, including various colors, aromas, cuisines, traditions... have always intrigued her. She has not yet grown tired of investigating assorted customs, even those right around the corner from her home.

Exploring God’s creation is a huge part of her existence. From a road trip to Alaska to the flora and fauna in her backyard. She makes an effort not to take God’s handiwork for granted. God made it all. From the grandeur of mountains and power of mighty waterfalls to lichen and the tiniest of creatures. What He has made is evidence of who He is and Jenny wants to know more.

To view Jenny Hershberger’s photography please visit www.JHersh.com.

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