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In the past, Jenny Hershberger resented being a single woman. Find out how God gently led Jenny from aimless frustration to gladness with a sense of purpose. “Single and Content, a Journey from Despair to Delight” is full of applicable and Biblically based remedies for single women who have felt the sting of disappointment.

Being a single woman can be a very intimidating and disheartening experience. Much like the uneasiness of hiking alone through the wilderness, it may seem that you have no one to rely on except yourself as you progress in an ambiguous direction. The truth is, God desires your invitation to allow Him to be your very real, reliable and perfect guide.

“Single and Content, a Journey from Despair to Delight” is a book that directs women to recognize, acknowledge and implement God’s goodness into their lives. Based on scripture, single women can learn to trust God as their companion. As they do, the wilderness begins to look less unpleasant and more like a purposeful adventure.

This book is not for the faint of heart. It is convicting yet sweet. It is for well-seasoned believers of Jesus as well as for those who need to welcome a relationship with their Savior. Just as the Bible is meant for every person, “Single and Content, a Journey from Despair to Delight” is not limited to academic or casual readers. Do not let the pretty pictures or short text fool you. This book is meaty.

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